Author Ginnie Mesibov urges you to
run life’s race with courage and confidence
by recognizing and using your innate
strengths and skills.  

Discover your attributes as you read
about contemporary woman’s struggles
and joys. Whether the topic is friendship or
betrayal, joy or depression, creativity or
limitations, there is a strong message of
empowerment to support you on your

You will find yourself on every page
and realize the hope and self-assurance
that await you by trusting in yourself and in
the God who created you
She addresses issues, such as:  waiting for
medical test results, looking at life as an
adventure, watching your loved ones suffer,
finding time when you don't have time, crawling
out of the pit of depression, cultivating your joy,
being healthy despite an unhealthy family
history, keeping the faith when you're losing it,  
answering the question, "What am I doing

Mesibov recognizes that today’s woman is
a person of commitment.
 She is committed
to her family and to her career.  In addition,
she is involved in a whirlwind of social and
community activities.
Author Ginnie Mesibov at a
local book-signing.
Ginnie raises the question, “How committed are you to yourself? How
much time do you spend taking care of yourself physically and emotionally?”  

She asserts, “Be committed to having fun.”
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Outer Strength, Inner Strength: Weekly Messages for Today's Woman
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Ginnie Mesibov was a successful writer, nonprofit administrator and
musician when the diagnosis of a brain tumor caused her to look deep into
her soul. There, beside the pain, she found strength, courage and hope.
The result of her agonizing but liberating introspection is a collection of 52
powerful and inspirational essays written as personal letters to today's
Are you aware of your own power?
Inner Strength
Outer Strength, Inner Strength: Weekly Messages for Today's Woman